DSP Explorer is a very simple "Integrated Development Environment". It allows the user to explore the fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing.  The user writes small 'C like' program snippets and 'wires them together'.  Below is a screenshot.

DSP Explorer never generated much interest and so there is little documentation and few examples.  I've gathered all the information I can find but is not well structured.  I'll happily try to answer any questions and fix any bugs but it has been some 13 years since I wrote it.

I did manage to find a copy the 'playSpace' used for the videos and have included it below.




DSPExplorer.jar  The java executable.  Requires JRE be loaded independently.

Introduction Manual  The basic manual.

More Details    More practical information

Built-Ins  A list of builtin functions and their use.

Videos' PlaySpace a Zip file contains the modules and schematics of the videos below.

Youtube Videos:

Intro to DSP       Getting started with Digital Signal Processing

DSP Explorer 2: Advanced Signal Generators

DSP Explorer 3: Filters and Correlation

DSP Explorer 4: Filters and Stopband

DSP Explorer 5: Phasing Receivers using IQ

DSP Explorer 6: Phasing Receiver using Analytic signals.


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